What is the white cat and how will it affect my business?

23 Apr

You may have heard about the white cat as it is becoming much more popular, the white cat is a branding solution that we here at RS Digital have launched. The white cat is a visual representation of our highly ethical Search Engine Optimisation techniques.

Ethical techniques are the techniques which follow the strict guidelines which are set in place by the leading search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We help to build up each of our client’s profiles, creating the ideal foundations for a company or business to radiate under its own diligence and productive abilities. We like to make sure that we make and maintain a close and professional relationship with each of our clients to create a much more healthier and effective environment and to help us understand the client’s needs, requirements and aspirations.

We believe that when business professional see the white cat sign it will create a sense of reassurance, quit like the British Kite mark on many electrical appliances for example. We are a company that ensures all of our techniques and services we offer are not only of the highest quality but stay inside and meet the guidelines and restrictions set by the major search engines.

Here at RS Digital we have 100& success rate with all of our clients and believe that the white cat plays a large role. The white cat can ensure that you receive the higher traffic, ranking and boost in visibility you desire from your SEO campaign.

We believe that the White Cat represents our business in the best possible way as it shows that our business never oversteps the line of the guidelines set by search engines. When choosing your SEO provider, to guarantee you gain the most, ensure that they use ethical techniques and services and are a good representative for the major search engines.

Gareth Owen