What is Pay per Click (PPC)

18 May

If you feel that you want to try a different style of internet marketing rather than search engine optimisation (SEO) then pay per click (PPC) may be something which you should try. PPC is a great way of targeting your chosen market directly, this is because it is not shown unless someone has searched for one of the keywords which you have used for your PPC advertisement, Google also ensures it is a relevant search before displaying your advert. One of the many benefits to having a PPC campaign is that you don’t pay for your advert until it is clicked on this way you are not spending money on something which is not generating a return.

Many people use PPC to advertise a product or service rather than just the company, especially if they have special offers on. A PPC advertisement will inform people of these special offers, which may be a better deal than what you competitors are currently offering. People who use PPC in this way often run it alongside an existing SEO campaign, it used as a way to get an extra boost at times it is required.

Some business often have boom and bust periods throughout the year or is seasonal and so with a PPC campaign in place they can get themselves out there a little more at the times they need it. You do not need to have a PPC campaign in place year round you can just use it as when you need the extra traffic to your website.

At RS Digital we have an expert PPC manager who will be able to talk you through how PPC will be able to help you and your website along with suggesting the best way to get what you want from your campaign. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you wish to learn more

Gareth Owen