Webmasters Don’t Panic! Google Search Console Now Fixing Link Report Bug

11 Apr

With an abundance of people coming to us this week, panicking over what appear to be ranking issues in Google Search Console, we thought that we best assure everyone that there is nothing to worry about, and that the system is currently facing a glitch in which is causing confusion all over the country.

Since last Friday (April 7th) the tool has been showing “no data available” notifications to users looking to check their link data using the tool, leaving many people unsure as to what is happening and wondering whether there’s problems with their websites, however this is not the case.

Google has confirmed that they are encountering a glitch and has apologised for any inconvenience that this has caused to users – stating that they are currently actively working on a fix for the link report within Google Search Console.  They are also urging all not to panic as this type of bug has zero influence on actual rankings and once the issue has been resolved everyone will be able to see link data as usual.

“This is a known issue at the moment, and should be resolved in the near future.” – Google’s John Mueller.

If anyone requires further information about this or has any questions here at RS Digital we are happy to assist. Call 01282 452096 today.


Hannah Connelly

Gareth Owen