The Google web spam team benefit from webmasters using the rel=”author” tag

06 Jun

Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam has released a new video, highlighting the benefits to his web spam team when users utilise the rel=”author” tag in html. Cutts states that usage of the tag can and will improve search quality in the long run.

The main advantage to the author tag is to differentiate between spammers and true credible authors with trust from their audience. This is part of the move from the anonymous Web to a Web approach to a method whereby Google can identify authors and measure the authority they carry – all from a simple html tag!

In Matt Cutt’s example he refers to Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan, an already order effexor xr no prescription established author within the search industry. Before the rel=”author” tag, if Danny was to post an article on to a low authority/PageRank  website, it might not carry the weight in the rankings that it should do. With the rel=”author” tag correctly implemented, Google can see that it was Danny who wrote the article and can also see that Danny is a recognised authority within search. This would mean that Danny’s article on a low quality website would still carry rankings and weight as it should.

Despite these developments and a push for authorship on Google’s side, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Google uses this algorithm in their live search results.

Gareth Owen