Wayback Machine Makes Changes, with New ‘Changes’ Feature

27 Jun

Wayback Machine, one of the internet’s ultimate archives, has now introduced a new feature to their website, letting users to compare the same URLs but on different dates – Allowing them to see what content has been changed, added and deleted, and when. The new feature ‘Changes’ has been designed and introduced to assist users in identifying content changes of specific time periods, which can be beneficial for numerous reasons.

How Wayback Machine ‘Changes’ Works

Although the new Wayback Machine ‘Changes’ function is still currently in beta and not fully functioning, we already have a good idea of how it is going to work. Here is a basic systematic guide:
• Visit the Wayback Machine website and enter a specific URL, then click enter
• Click on the NEW ‘Changes’ button, located under the URL box
• A calendar then loads where you can compare screenshots of the same webpages, on different dates

What ‘Changes’ means for SEO

We anticipate that ‘Changes’ is going to be highly beneficial in terms of creating and implanting leading SEO strategies. This tool allows SEOs such as ourselves to investigate new domains, analyse clients website history, run in-depth content analysis’ and so much more – All making for improved and more focused SEO strategies. Here at RS Digital Marketing we utilise a range of online tools when looking to get the best results for our clients, including Wayback Machine that only seems to be improving.

What to Do Next

To learn more about Wayback Machine and this new feature visit the Wayback Machine website. Alternatively, if you would like help and assistance with your website, and would like professionals to get the most out of this new Wayback Machine function for you, or to simply explain how you can use it to its full potential, call the RS Digital Marketing team today on 01282 452096, who are always happy to help.

Gareth Owen