Local Rankings in Google Home Voice Search Now Based Solely on Organic Relevancy

27 Mar

It has recently been announced that the local rankings that show on Google Home voice search are based solely on organic relevancy, ensuring that users are always presented with the most accurate and suitable local listings when searching for the products and services that they need.  This means that there are no ad placements whatsoever in the voice search results on Google Home, with Google currently testing a new service in America, the Google Guaranteed service, focusing on user relevancy.

Google Guaranteed 

Google Guaranteed is a relevantly new consumer protection program being tested in America that simply cannot be bought. The rankings of local providers now listed on Google Home in America are purely based on user relevancy and not monetised in any way. All local providers in America are now eligible to show up in these results, and can do so simply by going through the verification process and earning the Google Guarantee badge. It is thought that this service will eventually be rolled out worldwide.

Why this is Important

Currently there are no ads on Google Home therefore it is a great time for local companies looking for local business to reap affordable Google advertising, ensuring that their local listings are up-to-scratch and accurate.  Local companies can now gain better local rankings than they thought possible – But it is important that they do not waste any time.

RS Digital Marketing – Here to Help

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Gareth Owen