Using social network sites can help to boost your traffic and your visibility.

27 Apr

Most people use social network websites on a daily basis whether it is for business or pleasure and they are now one of the greatest ways to advertise. Advertising your business has never been easier with social networks now being so popular.

We can help you advertise your company on Facebook and LinkedIn along with creating Facebook and Twitter pages which will increase your online presence. The Facebook ads are very much like the PPC advertisements except that they are only displayed on Facebook. The advertisements are focused on a target market, if you were in the wedding business you may choose to aim your advertisements at women who are engaged and between 24 – 35 years old. If you aim your advertisement directly at your target market you a much more likely to see a great return in investment as you are not spending money to advertise at people who are not interested in what you offer. At RS Digital our team are able to create a unique advertisement for you, which will be about what you offer. We can create an advertisement which will promote a product or service and we can create an advertisement which advertises your company as a whole.

With the creation of Facebook and Twitter pages we can update your pages which will allow customers or clients to know about the services you offer along with the introduction of new services or products along with any promotions you may have.  Having Facebook and Twitter pages allows you to communicate with people who are interested in what you offer but who may not already have used your company. The use of social networking websites allows you to reach markets which you would not ordinarily focus on, due to them not being your focus target market.

Gareth Owen