Use social media to develop your online presence

20 Aug

RS Digital is an established company who can help you connect with your target market through a number of different methods. One of the easiest ways to connect with your target market is through social media; most people regularly make use of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter making it much easier to connect with them.

A Facebook profile or page for your business allows people to like your page or add you as a friend so that you can connect with them. Social networks allow people to feel at ease when asking questions because they’re not seeing the business they’re seeing the social network and so they will ask the questions that they really want to ask. By being able to connect directly with your target market you will find that you can answer questions soon after they are asked and it means that they don’t need to wait ages until you reach their email. You can offer a much better customer service when you are using social networks because of how easy it is for you to reply to a message, however you must be prepared to spend a small amount of time outside working hours on your social networks so that you can connect with people at the time they are most likely to be online. You can also use Facebook as a way to advertise your products by posting photos and writing a description and if you post special offers your followers or friends will be more likely to use you for the first time if they’ve discovered you on Facebook.

Twitter is a great platform for advertising simply because you have 140 characters to write something short and snappy which will catch the attention of your followers. It is also a great tool for link building as you can direct followers to your website by using a short url, so that they can see everything you have talked about.


Gareth Owen