Boost traffic with PPC

17 Aug

All businesses want to be ahead of their competitors and it can be difficult to do so, one thing you can do is enhance your SEO campaign. If you want to enhance your SEO campaign you should put an additional technique in place such as pay per click advertising (PPC).

PPC is a fantastic technique to put into place because it offers a great return on investment (ROI) this means that you won’t be wasting your money by using this form of advertising. PPC offers such a great ROI because you do not pay for your advertisement unless it is clicked on and someone is linked to your website, this means that you are only paying for the traffic that you receive.

To run a PPC campaign an account needs to be created with Google Adwords, this is where you will choose the keywords that you wish to focus and see the amount you would be required to pay each time someone was to click on an advertisement which featured that keyword. Your Google Adwords account must be credited for your advertisement(s) to be displayed but once it is credited your advertisement can be shown an unlimited amount of times, or until your account is empty of course.

A PPC account manager can ensure that your campaign is run efficiently so that it offers you the results that you desire. They will also be able to advise you on the best keywords to choose for your website based on the industry you work within, this is so that only relevant traffic will be directed to your website and that your advertisement won’t be displayed to someone who is looking for something else entirely.

A correctly run PPC campaign will help you gain an increase in visitors to your website who are relevant traffic to your business.

Gareth Owen