Twitter users to inspire latest alcoholic beverage

26 Jun

A new beer from the UK has just been launched in the UK called #MashTag! It is the latest alcoholic beverage on the market and you may be shocked to discover that it has been both inspired and created by the users of social media.

Brew Dog, British beer company launched the drink that came from fan votes to determine absolutely every detail of the new beer, from its style and name all the way to its alcohol count. The 7.5 American Brown Ale was finally made using New Zealand hops and aged hazelnuts and oak chips.

Fans voted on the name from a list of provided suggestions and also had the amazing buy effexor cheap online chance to design the bottle label! The winning design is not featured on the beer bottle. But are you still wondering why the people chose #MashTag as the beers name? Well… It originally comes from the hashtag in which they used to track votes but later the ‘H’ was switched for an ‘M’ to represent the first phase of brewing, “Mash”!

#MashTag however is not the first beer that has come from Twitter. #Twitterbrew from San Francisco also used the ultimate power of social media to collect votes in the same style!

Twitter users used to inspire and create the newest alcoholic beverage on the market

Gareth Owen