The wonderful combination of SEO and PPC

27 May

RS Digital are a fantastic company in which could assist you amazingly if you are looking to advertise your company immensely online. Two of the greatest methods in which companies such as us use are most definitely Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Both of these can work well individually but when brought together they really can produce results that are simply out of this world.


SEO works purely with the organic listings that can be found on the search engine pages, increasing the rankings of websites and therefore increasing the amount of traffic that is diverted to their sites. Search Engine Optimisation works both on and off the pages of websites using a range of techniques including but by no means limited to link building, keyword placement and website design.


PPC does not affect the search engine rankings; instead it works by paid listings that are in a smaller section of the search engine pages. One of the great things about running both of these together is that although it will result in you having a great amount of traffic to your website you will be able to work at a price that you can afford with your PPC as it won’t have any negative impact on your campaign.

Gareth Owen