The amount of paid search impressions showing on smartphones and tablets is on the rise.

23 Apr

It’s no secret that mobile search is becoming increasingly popular each and every day, but did you know that there is in fact reason to believe that in time it will be even more popular than desktop search?

We’re not saying that this something in which is going to happen overnight and there is no doubt that it will be quite sometime before mobile devices challenge the dominance of desktop’s when it comes to paid search. New 2014 reports have been released showing that smartphones accounted for 16.9% of ad impressions compared to 11.1% on tablet and a colossal 72% on desktop!

Yes we are aware that this clearly shows that the majority of ad impressions were on desktop but if you compare these results to those from a previous period it is absolutely clear that mobile and tablets are becoming more popular; smartphones have increased by 35% and tablets by 21%. It has also been predicted that this growth is going to continue, resulting in over 40% of paid search impressions by the end of 204 being shown on mobile devices.

Gareth Owen