Facebook finally reaches 1 billion mobile users

28 Apr

Facebook, the world’s biggest social networking website, recently announced that their website currently has more than 1 billion – that’s 1,000,000,000! – monthly active users on mobile devices.

The announcement was made on Wednesday alongside their 1st quarter earnings, in which they also reported both a record number of total active users and record profits. The company stated that there are currently 1.28 billion active global Facebook accounts, a number which continues to rise and has been on an incline every quarter since 2012 – the year in which the company went public.

The impressive 1 billion milestones for mobile browsers comes less than 2 years after Facebook first reached 1 billion monthly active users across all devices and is further proof that the network remains as relevant as ever.

Previously there had been question marks surrounding and predictions made regarding the popularity of Facebook but the continual rise in mobile browsing seems to have helped the site – and others like it – considerably in the traffic stakes, something that many marketing companies haven’t failed to notice.

With more people than ever using Facebook there is no greater time to capitalise on social media networks with an innovative and targeted social media campaign. Contact us today for case studies and to find out how we could help your business to grow with the help of FB.

Gareth Owen