Many websites suffer from technical SEO issues, sometimes this is because they only focus on one SEO factor. Many companies only cover on-page SEO and forget about the technical SEO.

You must make sure that your website is regularly performing on technical SEO to make sure that search engines crawl and index your pages without any problem.

  • But what is technical SEO?

Well, it’s all the optimisations on a website and server that help search engine bots better understand how your pages and site are constructed and, how they’re tied to other sites or internal pages for a more effective crawl and index. Technical SEO helps improve organic rankings.

  • Why focus on technical SEO?

Making a mistake with SEO in your website can be very bad, you must make sure that the technical aspects of the website are on point. Just create good and engaging content and add a strong technical SEO foundation to it.

Although technology is improving almost every day, search engines still aren’t perfect at crawling, indexing, and understanding information. And if they are struggling with anything in your website, they’ll simply move on, and you will stay behind. Always conduct a monthly check on your technical SEO aspects to avoid staying behind.

  • What’s a good technical SEO?

You must take into consideration three key elements of technical SEO: Performance, crawlability, and indexation.

Performance refers to how fast your pages should load. They should load as fast as possible, ideally under 2 seconds. There are tools that show you how your site comes together as it loads for you to view, with a visual representation, how all the assets on your website load. And don’t forget to test your website on different devices so you can have a wider range of issues to fix.

Crawlability is how much time, money and resources Google is willing to spend on your website. According to Gary Illyes from Google LLC, the main factor affecting your crawlability in a negative way is by “having many low-value-add URLs”. In other words, not having valuable links in your pages. Monitor the Index Coverage and Crawl Stats in your Google Search Console to spot and fix issues with indexing and crawling.

  • The future of technical SEO

The number 1 thing to consider right now is that the Google search engine and optimisation is in constant development.

Ranking on featured snippets is a good indication that Google is collecting information from your site and extracting relevant data for searchers enquiring on that topic.

A good technical SEO will make a big difference to your site, but it’s not the most important or the less important factor of SEO. You still need more to succeed.