#SocialMediaMonday, with news from social platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

14 Oct

Facebook no longer allows people to hide from search!

Facebook has altered its privacy settings resulting in users no longer being able to hide completely from others looking for them on the website. With a small amount of exceptions all Facebook users will now be searchable on the social platform!

Over the next few weeks the feature in which allows users to choose who can look them up will completely disappear! (Minors will not be included in this updated and people that you have blocked or have blocked you still won’t be searchable!)

This is however not something in which you need to panic about, although users pages will be visible posts etc will not be unless they have been set to be shared publicly.

Happy 3rd Birthday to Instagram!

Instagram has just celebrated its 3rd birthday! Since October 2010 when Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger launched Instagram with the simple intention to make mobile photographs look better Instagram has grown amazingly, launching 25 versions in different languages, attracting 150 million users and seeing over 16 shared photos.

In addition to this Instagram has also recently brought in Instagram Video, enabling users to share 15 second clips. These video clips can also have filters applied to them just the same as Instagram pictures can.  These videos have most definitely proven to be popular and are even being used by multiple huge brands including Burberry.

Say hello to Twitters new @eventparrot!

@eventparrot works by sending direct messages to users in which showcase news about events or topics that are based on the individuals feed.  To receive these messages users must be following the @eventparrot account. @magicrecs was another similar Twitter experiment and if @eventparrot works well it may become an official Twitter product like @magicrecs did.


Gareth Owen