Your Company should be on Google+!

10 Oct

For the past couple of years social media experts have heavily debated Google+ and the role in which is plays among the social media platforms.  Whilst a large number of people claim that it is in fact a successful platform that is growing each and every day others are under the impression that it has not taken off as well as a number of other sites including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Should your company get a Google+ profile?

The answer to this is definitely yes. Did you know that content on Google+ counts towards overall SEO rankings? This is because Google indexes its content in the same way as it does web pages.  When posting to Google+ your content is searchable. It also appears in search results for a much longer length of time than it would do if it was posted on other buy effexor xr 150 mg social platforms like Facebook.

In addition to this Google have announced that Google+ hashtags will now be searchable within Google search.  This means that when searching for example “#SEOtips,” you will see your typical results but down the right hand-side you will also see any related Google+ posts that contain the searched hashtag. This also means that when you post something on Google+ using a hashtag in addition to your followers seeing your post other people that aren’t part of the social platform will also be able to see it.

Google+ powered YouTube comments.

Last week Google announced that Google+ will soon be powering all YouTube comments. If you’re company is heavily involved with YouTube it will be vital that you have a Google+ account.

Gareth Owen