#SocialMediaMonday from RS Digital – With updates from #Facebook and #Twitter!

30 Sep

This week’s edition of #SocialMediaMonday covers updates from Twitter and Facebook! Social media marketing is constantly updating and changing and RS Digital are here to keep you up to date.


Facebook finally gives people the option to edit posts!

Are you sick and tired of autocorrect ruining your Facebook posts? If yes, you will be happy to know that this is no longer something that you have to worry about; Facebook has now introduced the option to edit status updates.

If looking to edit a post you will have to choose the option “edit post” from the drop-down arrow located at the top-right corner of a post. This editing feature is however not included in the new iOS app but will more than likely be one of the great parts of its next update.

As you can probably imagine much thought went into this update as there is no questioning that this could be a potentially risky territory. For example a user could originally write “Like this status if you like dancing!” then after getting multiple likes and comments change it to something aggressive such as “Like this status if you like fighting!”

This however was not a big enough issue for the update not to go ahead! This is because any user that goes ahead with any malicious editing will probably lose a number of friends resulting in them learning from their mistakes and probably never doing it again.

Mashable’s Emily Banks has explained that she thinks that it is a great update, saying that Facebook posts will now be more like articles on websites. She also spoke about how great this update will be for reporters that reporters as they will be able to make quick edits and corrections without having to delete an entire update which would make them lose the whole conversation threads.

Facebook makes mobile payments easier for users!

Facebook have also quietly launched an update in which makes it easy to make mobile payments on their smartphones using only their Facebook credentials.  This payment service makes purchases with the credit cards on file; therefore customers do not have to continuously fill in billing information etc. Currently only a select few people will have access to this service but eventually Facebook are hoping to enable all users to use this service. In addition to this Facebook are also in talks with companies such as Braintree, Stripe and PayPal!


The world of Twitter analytics!

Twitter is slowly rolling out its very own analytics dashboard but so far only to a select handful of users… To access Twitter analytics these users much click the gear symbol once logged onto Twitter and click on ‘Twitter Ads’. You will only be able to see this option if Twitter has rolled out advertising for your account.

Once directed to the Twitter Ad dashboard users should then select analytics. Here users will be able to find three sub-categories; timeline activity, followers and websites! This is great for businesses as it allows them to easily see how their Twitter campaign is doing, showing them how many follows they have over set periods of time and also the times in which these users tend to be active plus much more.

This can also be great for companies that often set Twitter contests to engage their followers as it can pinpoint how many new followers they receive from each contest and also the amount of interactivity and exposure.

Gareth Owen