Social Media Monday – YouTube, Google+, Twitter and Facebook

19 Aug

#SocialMediaMonday from RS Digital

This week’s edition of #SocialMediaMonday covers top news and stories from Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. With social media marketing the environment is always changing, let RS Digital keep you up to date. Google and YouTube are disputing with Microsoft over the windows phone app, Twitter and Facebook are both testing new features. Read on for more information:


There’s been a new study carried out at the University of Michigan that claims the social network can undermine a person’s sense of well being and happiness. The study surveyed 82 individuals over the course of 2 weeks monitoring their happiness and self-satisfaction. Over the 2 week period there was a general decline in user’s happiness both in the short term and bigger picture perspectives. The newfound study shows that Facebook and FOMO (link to blog post) can actually bring people down and provide no enjoyment from using the service. For the full report, click here.

Facebook is also testing a new system that could rival the likes of PayPal for making online payments from mobile platforms. Partnering up with JackThreads, a men’s clothier, the social network is testing systems that would allow a user to use their Facebook credentials when paying for items online off their mobile. Once a user has stored their card details within Facebook once, they never have to do it again and can use their Facebook login to pay for items within the partnership. With the size and popularity of Facebook, if the scheme takes off effectively, it’s predicted to provide some rivalry for the likes of the massive online payment system: PayPal.


TV shows are continuously pushing their unique hashtags on their titles, but if you’re not watching the show and the hashtag isn’t trending on Twitter you’re never going to know about it, until now. Twitter has been confirmed to be testing a new “TV Trending” feature that focuses on channelling the most popular hashtags and tweets together in specific cards. The TV Trending channel is separate to the main channel of trends on Twitter, making it easier for people to discover conversations about their favourite TV shows. Currently, TV trending is only available to some users on the IOS app, but it’s expected to globally take off if it proves successful can i buy effexor online with increasing engagement and conversation.

In other Twitter news this week, a man was fired on the spot for an inappropriate tweet that the police had some interest in. Sunith Baheerathan, 20, Vaughan, Ontario reportedly posted a tweet asking dealers in his local area to deliver marijuana to the office where he works. The York Regional Police Twitter account picked up on the tweet and chirped in with their own:

Man fired for weed on Twitter

After Baheerathan was fired for his inappropriate tweet, he deleted his Twitter account and the company he worked for issued this grateful statement to the police:

Mr Lube Police Response

Google+ and YouTube

These updates come mostly in the form of app news. Starting with Google+, the company have added an array of new features to their Android Google+ app. The main feature is the inclusion of geo-location checkins allowing users to share their current posting location with users in their circles. This update varies the level of detail shown with location depending on where you fit in the users circles. Meaning that users in different circles see varying degrees of detail with geo-tagged posts dependant on how the sharer set up their circles. In addition to the geo posting update, the new Google+ app also allows you to import, share and save photos directly from your connected Google drive account. The app has also completely removed the messenger section and replaced it with Google Hangouts.

There’s two main YouTube news items this week. The first being that YouTube have finally gotten a native app on Windows Phone devices following bickering battles with Microsoft. The app was originally removed from the Windows Phone app store due to an infringement of YouTube’s terms of service on Microsoft’s part. Originally the app didn’t contain any advertising space, forcing Google to have Microsoft remove the app. After legal battles and company bickering, the app is back at long last.

Barry Political investigates what cars could be like in the future with CarTube. This mock up video turns your car into a browsing hub for YouTube, transforming your windscreen into a giant YouTube channel. The video puts an interesting spin on killing time in Traffic. With the evolution of automated driving, this video might not be so farfetched. What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

Gareth Owen