Social Media Use in the Office: Good or Bad?

07 Jan

Should business owners allow for their employees to use social media while in the office? What do you think? Carry on reading before you make your decision…

Did you know that some of the most successful businesses in the world are the ones with noticeably prosperous workplace cultures, utilising social media on a daily basis?  OK this doesn’t mean that they are sat on their personal Facebook accounts all day chatting to their friends, but it does highlight the fact that more and more companies are realising the importance of social media for business!

Social Media

It has become apparent that a large number of high-level of business managers have concerns about the use of social media in their offices, and I guess that they have valid reasons to have these concerns – after all, popular social platforms such as Facebook can incredibly detrimental to productivity and efficiency on the office if utilised in incorrect ways. Instead of banning the use of social media in the office however, it could be far more advantageous to manage how it is used and put rules and regulations in place for employees to adhere to.

Social media is beneficial for business for multiple reasons including the vast networking opportunities in which it provides, however, as we earlier mentioned it can be bad for business too, if employees take advantage. This is why managers should strive to find a middle-ground and compile strategies which allow employees to use social media for the better, without having to take too much time away from their day-to-day roles. For example, Hannah, a member of our content team, although not involved with the social media side of the business, has a Twitter profile which she posts to on a regular basis during work hours: Allowing for your employees to use social media at work can not only allow them to have a break when needed, but to be efficient, and even better your company at the same time! Everyone needs to take a break from tedious and difficult tasks from time to time, and social media could provide best escape.

This may sound bizarre to some, especially considering that previously we have all been told how bad and distracting it can be, however there is no denying that social media is now massive and that it is going to be ever more important in the future. In a few years’ time Facebook will be older than a lot of the world’s workforce and alongside this, businesses must make changes to how they operate. If you are unsure about how your employees could best utilise social media to benefit your company, as well as themselves physiologically while at work, here at RS Digital we are more than happy to offer advice and guidance – whether you plan to combat social media alone, or would like our social team to provide a helping hand throughout. For further information, simply get in touch today!




Gareth Owen