Recieve a high quality service from our fully qualified staff member Will

19 Mar

At RS Digital we provide an expert service in Google Adwords Management, our fully qualified Pay per Click (PPC) account manager is Will. He can help any business build a successful Pay per Click campaign, his effective strategies are very beneficial to your advertising.

Pay per Click is a great way to get your company or a product noticed, because the Google Adwords advertisement is paid for there is no correlation between the advertisements and the organic listings. Your advertisement can be shown on any page of the listings, it is not a case that a lower ranking website will not get their PPC advertisement shown on the first page of rankings.

Having a PPC campaign in place allows you to reach your target market and you can aim your advertisement directly at them. In traditional advertising methods such as television and radio, the advertisement has to be suitable for a wide range of people because you have no control over who will see or hear it. PPC is keyword focused which means that your keywords have to be searched for before your advertisement is shown, when someone is looking for what you offer or a product you supply you can be much more direct with your advertisement whether this means using industry terms.

At RS Digital our expert account manager will be able to help you choose the right direction for your campaign. Will is able to help you choose your keywords ensuring that they are the most beneficial ones for you and he can also advise you on the amount to spend on your campaign. If you want a successful PPC campaign then Will can help you.

If you have any Google Adwords queries please don’t hesitate to get in contact today to speak to Will.

Gareth Owen