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Pro Styling

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About: Pro Styling

Pro Styling specialise in providing equipment to salons and other commercial beauticians and salon suppliers.

The Brief

Pro Styling, a premier supplier of salon equipment for commercial beauticians and salon suppliers, encountered hurdles in maximising sales and conversions through Google PPC. Assigned with the mission of amplifying their paid Google ad campaigns, our primary focus lay in strategically boosting sales and driving conversions to unleash their business’s full potential.

The Strategy

We conducted thorough keyword research, pinpointing specific buyer intent terms to optimize clicks and elevate conversions, thereby enhancing the client’s ROI. Furthermore, we optimized their website to deliver an enhanced user experience, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement for visitors.


The Results

We orchestrated a remarkable transformation for the client, catapulting their monthly conversions from 96 to 156. Simultaneously, we significantly boosted their clicks from 1200 to 2200 and impressions from 1300 to 3000. Impressively, we slashed their CPC from £6 to £2.55, effectively optimising their advertising spend. Moreover, our efforts resulted in an outstanding 400% surge in traffic, skyrocketing visitors from 1000 to 5000 per month. Consequently, conversions surged from 160 to 360, reflecting the impactful results of our campaign.