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Happy Kombucha


About: Happy Kombucha

Happy Kombucha are a leading seller of kombucha, kefir, and other fermented health drinks in the UK and Europe.

The Brief

We were charged with positioning the client prominently on Google and amplifying awareness of kombucha and other fermented health drinks, including kefir. Our objective was to improve and solidify their online presence and strengthen their foothold in the health beverage market.

The Strategy

We implemented strategies to optimise the website speed, database and construct contextual links, aimed at enhancing their Google ranking and maximising ROI. This was achieved through a multifaceted approach encompassing guest posts, link building, technical SEO, blogger outreach, and organic SEO techniques.


The Results

We strategically focused on 10 primary keywords, successfully positioning 7 within the top 10 rankings on Google, with 2 more appearing on page 2. This achievement translates to 70% of our targeted keywords now prominently featured on page 1. Consequently, the client experienced a substantial 500% surge in traffic, skyrocketing from 4,000 users per month to an impressive 22,000.

In addition to the significant increase in website traffic, our efforts led to a substantial rise in sales and customer acquisition for the client. With the enhanced visibility and improved Google rankings of their targeted keywords, they experienced a notable uptick in conversions, resulting in a tangible boost in revenue and a growing customer base.