The Science Behind Page Load Issues and the Loss of Your Website Visitors

07 May

Meandering the internet

Imagine your potential client is meandering through a new city to get to your shop. They pass through various streets and down alleys to get to you. But now and again, they trip over loose paving for example. Or the revolving doors are slow and they have to wait sporadically, roadworks detour their path. All of these events distract them, stress them out and defer them from reaching your shop. Page Load issues are a factor online that resonates with this.

Just like this analogy your potential customers on the web are also on a journey. Ideally, they would like their journey to have an unbroken flow because of their actions, and similarly, to the real world the customers can be thrown off course, bewildered and then lead astray. This series of off-putting events can result in total abandonment of the journey.

And just like in the real world, they can be interrupted by delays, distracted from their tasks and led to make errors. These events, in turn, can lead to reduced satisfaction and abandonment of a site or the whole journey.
To put it simply, removing obstacles, and delays is key for the visitor to complete their task at hand.


A prominent snag in a website experience for a site visitor, is waiting for a website to load. For a developer, a page load issue is a discrete event and some delay might feel a normal issue.
For example, a slow loading page usually happens midway through the user’s journey, if they are reading about recent news events, researching or checking out a purchase in their shopping cart. When this happens, frustratingly to the user they haven’t yet reached their destination and in turn this will make them far less tolerant of delays, and they may abandon the website entirely.

At RS digital we understand the importance therefore of fast loading pages so your website visitors’ journey can flow smoothly.

As part of our free website analysis. Page speed is one of the factors that we diagnose and report the fixes for page load issues.

Rachael Connelly