Google Set to Delete Google+ Accounts! Here is What You Need to Do

07 Feb

After many months of discussing the future of Google+, our suspicions have been confirmed; with Google recently announcing their plans to start deleting Google+ accounts and pages on April 2nd.

Google has revealed that on April 2nd they will officially shut down its consumer version of the Google+ platform, making Google+ accounts and pages inaccessible to users. When accounts and pages are shut down users’ content including photos and videos from Album Archives will begin to be deleted, therefore users are being strongly encouraged to download and save their precious content before April 2nd arrives.

Google first suggested that they were considering shutting Google+ down for consumers in December 2018 so this is not new news for many – Just a definite date so that users can ensure that they are able to export their content before it disappears. Reasons for Google shutting down the Google+ platform include struggles in maintaining a successful product and low platform usage, with other social media platforms becoming much more popular in shorter periods. Not only this, but at the end of last year Google+ announced that over 52 million of their users were affected by a bug that exposed their personal information such as names, email addresses, occupations and ages.

Downloading Your Google+ Content

To avoid losing any of your content from Google+, it is important for users to download and save their content as soon as possible, and luckily for all this is not half as difficult as it may sound.

Full details are available on the Google Support website here:

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Gareth Owen