Link building can enhance your organic listing

19 Nov

Search engine optimisation is a very important part of your internet marketing, the easiest way to gain more traffic is with pay per click (PPC) advertisements however this means that you could be paying out a lot of money to get those results if it is the only method you are using.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) works to increase your ranking in the organic search engine results, these positions cannot be paid for and you must follow the search engine guidelines so that you can get the high ranking which you desire. SEO works on and off the page of your website, On page SEO is the changes which you can see happening and includes website design, and keyword placement. Off page SEO is carried out behind the scenes and you won’t necessarily be aware that they have taken place, this includes link building, and directory submissions.

One important factor of SEO is link building, this helps to determine where your website will rank in the organic listings. Link building is the process of producing quality inbound links which are placed on websites which the search engine trusts and by linking back to your website they show that you are to be trusted. You can use social networks to help with link building, any updates you put mentioning your website or a product then you can put a link with it because not only does it take potential customers to where they want to be but it enhances your link building. Article submissions are also used for link building, high quality articles are written and submitted to selected article websites to help create high quality links which will be recognised.

Gareth Owen