Is Google looking to launch rumoured High-Flying Wireless project?

30 Jul

Google are testing a project in which would bring the internet to people in rural areas and developing nations using high-altitude balloons. The project would consist of sending big remote-controlled balloons up into the atmosphere, twice as high as commercial jets fly and radios mounted on balloons would send internet connectivity back down to the ground. This project is currently known as Project Loon.

Google aerospace engineer Sameera Ponda has said that if this plan goes ahead it would be incredibly beneficial for people in places in which are too remote for cables. The project has already been tested in a range of places including California and New Zealand and Ponda said that it was extremely well-received. She went on to say that if this goes ahead many people’s lives could be improved amazingly!

Chris Coward, well known research scientist at the Technology and Social Change Group also thinks that this is a marvellous idea… Saying that not only could it benefit a number of businesses but it is also important that people have internet access for leisure and communication purposes.

Over the next few months there are plans to carry on testing these balloons but there is no set date for when Project Loon really will set off.

Gareth Owen