How to Find Google Image Search Traffic when Google Images changes the Referral URL

29 Aug

After Google recently announced that they are making changes to how Google Analytics shows traffic coming from Google Image Searches, here at RS Digital we are here to help and will be explaining exactly what this is going to mean going forward. These changes are going to be in full effect within one to two months therefore it is important for you to understand the changes now.

Previously, all traffic coming from Google Image search results were grouped together under ‘google organic’ in the Acquisition reports in Google Analytics. However, when Google’s new referral source URL changes come into effect there will be a new source line item for image search reflected in Google Analytics that will display as ‘google images / organic’ in the Source / Medium reports available on Analytics.

Why This Update is Important

This update is coming into effect so that Google Analytics users can understand the value of Google Images. Users will now be able to compare total Google Organic traffic to traffic coming directly from Google Images. These insights should assist users in determining the greatest ways to allocate their marketing budgets in terms of advertising and website optimisation.

Image Optimisation Tips  

With this new update on its way it is now more important than ever before for companies to ensure that all images associated with their brands and websites are optimized as fully as possible. Here are just a few tips that can help achieve this:

  • Use images that enhance user experience
  • Optimise image data, labels, tags and descriptions
  • Reduce the file sizes of images
  • Use image sitemaps

We Can Help You

Here at RS Digital we are leaders within the SEO industry and always ensure that we optimise our client’s images in all of the best and most beneficial ways. Anyone looking for assistance in terms of image optimisation, or holding any other questions, should contact our professional and highly knowledgeable team today on 01282 452096.


Gareth Owen