How can sites stop customers abandoning the basket?

09 Dec

basketA big problem for online retailers (or anyone who sells a service online) is basket and cart abandonment. This occurs when visitors to a site select products and services to buy, but fail to go through to point of purchase. And of course it is very frustrating if this is your site! This is typically called ‘basket abandonment’ and is an issue in Ecommerce many people want to solve. Yet recent interesting research from Salecycle highlights that since 2010, basket abandonment has risen by 1.5%. This has likely affected the profits of many businesses with an online facility.

Some facts to think about
The research also showed the areas and circumstances in which this basket abandonment most typically occurs; taking into account the results of over 1 billion baskets. It appeared that ‘travel’ was the industry with the highest basket abandonment rate. This is most probably because when it comes to travelling, these are often expensive purchases which customers may quickly opt out of at the last minute because they have found a better deal. There were also interesting areas to consider; such as that most abandonment happens on a Tuesday!

Solved with a digital strategy
Here at RS Digital, we are striving to address this issue of rising basket abandonment. We want websites to not only look great, but operate well for their owners; creating as many sales as possible. Our team of specialists, including content writers, can craft engaging and original text for your website which can play a role in persuading customers through to point of purchase. Plus our organic SEO techniques ensure that your site is highly visible and seen by the people most likely to engage with a sale.
Getting results for you matters at RS Digital. We’re here to help address the issue of basket abandonment, even in the busy Christmas period – and into the New Year too!

Emily Oldfield
RS Digital

Gareth Owen