How best to address Title Tags on your website?

03 Oct

There are reports circulating at the moment and many seo professionals who are deliberating over just how many characters should appear within or make up your webpage title. Experts front the discussion that in order to keep the structure of you website within suitable boundaries, the best bet is to keep webpage titles under 70 characters. Now as you may probably know this is a feat of certain proportions considering that within those 70 characters, you have to consider certain things such as spaces, room for your brand name, your site and most importantly the keywords that your webpage will be optimised for.

In our experience, generally up to four or five keywords is the maximum number of keywords we will optimise a webpage for and when focusing on more generic keywords or phrases, 70 characters doesn’t get you far. Imagine though, 70 characters is in effect half the space you are allocated when uploading a tweet and they are designed to be short to remain unchallenging to the reader. Discovering whether or not more characters will have a detrimental effect on your marketing is an ongoing theme that receives its fair share of input but there are certain factors that point towards the possibility that titles with more than 70 characters should have no problems being cached by the likes of Google, Yahoo and other search engines and issued with the same or better relevance than web pages that keep to this minimum.
For example Google themselves will index between a hundred and fifty to a thousand characters easily, the fact of the matter is that when displaying the search results Google only displays 70 characters of the title bar within its search results! There may be possible influences on ranking factors but these can be speculated. Perhaps it’s just another attempt to keep things as simple as possible when optimising but with a 100% success rate, here at RS Digital we feel that properly optimising your website with the right concentration of characters within the title is something we are not about to change any time soon.

Gareth Owen