Google Release New September 2019 Core Update

25 Sep

Yesterday Google released the new September 2019 Core Update impacting how Google ranks new websites and how Google determines what is the most relevant web page for each specific query.

The new Google September 2019 Core Update is important to all website owners, and all website owners at this time should now be taking steps to ensure that they have provided their sites with what they need to rank well in the search engines. Advice to website owners from Google surrounding the update has been similar to the advice given in 2011 surrounding the Panda algorithm. Google has provided a list of questions for website owners to ask themselves to determine whether they are sharing the best content – some of these questions included:

• Does the content provide original information, reporting or research?
• Does the content provide a substantial, complete comprehensive description of the business products and services?
• Does the content provide insightful analysis?
• Is the website content original and unique?
• Do headlines provide descriptive summaries of content?
Companies now need to make sure their websites are as impeccable as possible, and our team are here to help, offering great website design, development and online marketing services.

Full information regarding the update, from Google is available here:

Alternatively, anyone requiring further information or with any questions, can contact the RS Digital Marketing team, whom are always happy to help and share their expert knowledge here: We are leaders within the web design and online marketing worlds and are able to assist companies of all sizes, within all niches, in ensuring that their websites are obtaining the highest amount of relevant, high-quality traffic.

Gareth Owen