Discover the benefits of social media

14 Nov

Social media is a great internet marketing tool for companies to use because it allows you to interact with your customers directly. Customers always have questions to ask and if emails get backed up it can be very difficult to get back to customers quickly. By using social networks you can reply to comments very quickly, and it doesn’t take up too much time because you can constantly be logged in, with a tab open ready to notify you of any comments.

There are a wide range of social media websites and each one will offer its own unique properties; however the two main social networks used are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook allows you to create a page which you can regularly update with status’ and pictures making the people who have liked your page aware of any new products or things which are happening for your company. When people have liked your page you will find that they may share your pictures or status updates and this means that their friends will then become aware of you and will also like you page to keep updated. It is free to have a Facebook page and if you keep it regularly maintained you will see that it is of great benefit to your company.

Twitter works very differently to Facebook in that you will create a profile and can post 140 character updates, these updates can be about anything, but people will be able to retweet your tweets if you’re offering a product or promotion, or maybe even running a competition.

Using social networks allows you to connect directly to your customers through a medium which they are very comfortable using and your company can slip seamlessly into their lives.

Gareth Owen