CPC and SEO can work side by side.

08 Sep

Cost per Click (CPC) advertising is a very beneficial form of internet marketing this is because it can make a difference from the moment it is implemented, and can be shown on the first page of the search engines in the paid listings.

CPC involves you choosing the keywords you want to focus on in your advertisement meaning that when those words are searched for your advertisement will be seen. You have to bid for your keywords and so the more popular your keywords are the more expensive they will be. CPC advertising doesn’t costs you each time your advertisement is shown, you are only charged when you advertisement is clicked on; this allows your advertisement to be shown for an unlimited amount of times.

A CPC campaign can work alongside a new SEO campaign, you may wish to use CPC so that you see an instant boost in traffic to your website while your SEO campaign is taking hold and gradually increasing your websites ranking, once your website has a high ranking you may wish to no longer use a CPC campaign and you could cancel it. CPC also works very well alongside an existing campaign as it can be used to focus on keywords where your ranking may not be as high and it will mean that your website is not missed by potential clients.

CPC is a much more beneficial form of advertising than television advertising this is because a CPC advertisement is only shown to people who are actively seeking what it is that you offer and so your advertisement can be focused on these people unlike a television advertisement which has to focus on a much wider range of people because you do not know who will see your advertisement and you
cannot focus it directly on your target market.

Gareth Owen