Avoid the Festive Chaos… Choose Magic Instead

29 Oct

Due to incredibly high consumer expectations and the surge in shipments in which the holiday season sees each year, for companies and website owners the holidays can be complicated and exhausting. It does not have to be this way though; if you are a website/e-commerce owner looking to transform the dreaded festive chaos into festive magic – Keep on reading at your peril…

According to eMarketer holiday e-commerce sales rose last year by 17.8% – and this year it has been predicted that revenue is set it hit an extraordinary $107 billion. This highlights that e-commerce owners should now be making changes and ensuring that the best website practices are in place in order to gain the maximum amount of custom. It is also of equal importance for those selling products to make sure that they are using the greatest delivery services and couriers available.

What You Should be Doing

If you are the owner of an e-commerce business and are looking for the greatest and most magical Christmas yet, you should consider the following tips:

Keep forms short: One of the main reasons in which people abandon their shopping carts online is excessive form length. You should reduce form lengths down to the bare minimum – this will give you a much greater chance of driving purchases through to completion.

Consider form field labels: Label placement can hugely impact the behaviour of online shoppers. Placing labels above form fields and ensuring that form fields are well labelled has been found to reduce friction and cognitive load on customers attempting to complete purchases.

Utilise type-ahead address verification: A recent study has shown that 84% of online shoppers prefer type-ahead address verification. You should use this to your advantage. Type-ahead allows for shoppers to enter their addresses more easily, reducing keystrokes by up to 80%.

Get the right courier for the job: Based on your destination you should choose a courier that boasts great user reviews and quick delivery times. Take time to research the options available to you, you might find that a local company is more reliable than a well-known brand.

Choose a company that offers superb tracking: With such an abundance of parcels being sent over the holiday season, delays are known to occur. Because of this it is important to choose a courier that offers frequent tracking updates to allow customers to monitor their shipments closely.

We Can Help You

These are only some of the available tips to consider if you are looking for ultimate holiday success too! If you want our assistance or would like further guidance regarding your website and the Christmas period, do not hesitate to contact our expert team on 01282 452096.

Gareth Owen