Peeky Blinders: The Days of Peeking at Others Phones over Their Shoulders Are Almost Over

16 Nov

The days of peeking over people’s shoulders to take a sneaky look at their phones may nearly be over, with Google recently announcing a new project that they have been working on – the electronic screen protector.

The new Google electronic screen protector is set to assist those with Google Pixel phones, these phones will now be able to use their front facing cameras and eye-detecting artificial intelligence to detect whether more than one person is looking at a screen. It has been said that the new system will work with many different lighting conditions and poses, with Google being able to recognise a person’s gaze as quickly as in 2 milliseconds. People peeking are set to be able to be detected so quickly because the software will be run over people’s phones as opposed to being sent for processing on the company’s powerful cloud servers.

This is not the first time that Google has worked with gaze detection either – Back in 2003 the search engine giant created a patent for tracking computer mouse pointers using a person’s vision, as well as Pay-Per-Gaze tracking.

It is thought that this new system could be greatly welcomed by many, especially those who regularly hold the need to read sensitive information whilst in public places – And here at RS Digital we know that it is something that we would love to utilise. Privacy is paramount, and this is definitely something that could be widely used in the future.

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