A change in requirements for Ad agencies.

04 Oct

Search giant, Google has now decided to further praise Ad agencies for assisting them in getting business.

On Wednesday Google announced Google Partners; an umbrella program in which is intended to combine all of the company’s other agency programs in one place. Google is looking to help small to medium sized businesses that are likely to advertise in this way. Previously they have already supported ad agencies with various programs including Google Engage and Agency Edge and these will not be being taken away, these will simply be rebranded and integrated in the new Google Partners title.

In the past agencies could receive Google’s stamp of approval for displaying expertise when using AdWords but now certified buy cheap effexor online agencies will have to reapply if they would like a Google’s Partner certification badge. Proficiency in AdWords will definitely always be one of the main requirements!

Google is in search for agencies that will be able to demonstrate a number of qualities such as client retention and a healthy business. Within an agency at least one employee will have to complete an AdWords efficient program.

According to a spokesman Google will expect all agencies to spend in-between thirty and sixty days re-positioning to apply for a Google Partners certificate. The Umbrella Program is already in place throughout the U.S and is expected to spread all over the international markets later this year.

Gareth Owen