What Google’s been getting up to this week!

10 Sep

Google’s Matt Cutts explains that no-follow links aren’t harmful unless being spammed on a large scale

Yesterday the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel released a video entry in which Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts spoke about links in which are no-followed and how they in fact cannot damage a company’s rankings within leading search engine Google.

Although saying that the majority of links that have the no-follow attribute can’t affect rankings Matt explained that this does not mean that mass spamming on a huge scale is OK. If a company chooses to spam links continuously within their text Google may choose to take manual action to discourage this, but overall it seems that no-follow links should not be affecting anyone’s search rankings from an algorithmic point of view.

You may be wondering why Google would take action on these links as they are not trust by Google? The reason in which Google may take action is simply to give people a warning and encourage any spamming to be discontinued. However you should not panic because in most case, unless you are annoying the entire web with your blog comments etc, you should be fine!

Two Major benefits to Google’s new Paid and Organic Report System.

As you may already be aware buy generic effexor xr Google have recently released a brand new report system that shows the total traffic per keyword for both organic and paid search. Often many of us fail to think about anything other than paid search, so what are the benefits to this?

  1. The new system allows people to appreciate the true value in which both paid and organic listings display. This allows people to run tests and gain an understanding how rank, and coverage effects market share, CTR and conversions. This can give people the opportunity to determine if there are any keyword areas that can be supplemented with paid advertising.E.g. certain keywords may be too expensive to reach top positions; this system will show you just how much traffic is moved to your organic listing if you move up in position in paid.
  2. This new system also allows people too easily see situations where paid traffic is bringing in high volumes of traffic but organic isn’t present; allowing people to add new strategies or change a strategy in which they already have in place.

Overall we believe that this is a great way to advance search marketing as a discipline. It allows everyone to see a clearer picture and gain a deeper understanding of their results.

Gareth Owen