SEO: How Small Businesses Can Compete with Big Businesses

11 Aug

Small businesses can often feel incredibly scared when it comes to SEO, under the impression that they are too small to rank well on Google and that they are going to have to compete against some of the biggest players within their industries. There are however numerous ways in which small businesses of all kinds can tackle this issue and dominate SEO including the following methods:

How to Compete

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  1. Small businesses with copious amounts of competition should target keywords which the big sites aren’t willing to target, there are a few ways that these keywords can be determined and keywords to consider include…

Long-tail keywords – When it comes to choosing keywords it can be good practice for small businesses to think about what users search for when looking for their products/services and cater for this. For example, it would be incredibly difficult for any small businesses to rank for the keyword “jeans”; however other alternatives to consider could include “Blue vintage Levis jeans” or “Ripped black men’s jeans”.

Comparison keywords – While big brands generally choose not to compare themselves to other brands, small businesses can use this to their advantage, comparing not only big brands to other big brands, but their brand to big brands also. Not only this, but for example if you sell jeans like Levis, “Jeans like Levis” would be a great keyword to target.

  1. Aiming for authority and brand association in a very particular niche can be a great idea, for example when it comes to travel, the big giants within the travel industry will be focusing on travel as a whole, whereas smaller businesses could consider focusing on individual locations and more specialist searches.
  2. Smaller businesses are provided with the opportunity to provide more valuable content and should therefore invest money and time in content while focusing on a particular set of keywords. Small companies can publish fresh, relevant content on a regular basis which as a result can assist in their companies getting established as a content authority. All small companies without a doubt should have efficient content strategies in place!
  3. One main advantage that small companies have over large companies is their ability to build relationships with their customers. As many of you will already be aware social media is becoming imperative for companies, especially smaller ones, as it allows for customers and consumers to gain higher levels of trust, while knowing that they have extra ways to get in touch companies should they need anything.

We can help

Especially when taking into consideration that SEO is constantly evolving, it is no wonder why smaller companies often give up, admitting defeat. We do however urge everyone to stick at it and not to give in, opting to employ SEO services from leading providers such as ourselves, who constantly excel when it comes to providing small businesses with the most superior SEO strategies – helping them gain rankings that previously they could have only fantasised over.

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Gareth Owen