Reach your target market with a cost per click campaign.

27 Dec

At RS Digital we offer a Cost Per Click (CPC) marketing campaign. You will find that when you first choose to put an SEO campaign in place it takes a small while for it to take hold and produce results. If you are looking to get more visitors to your website almost instantly then CPC is the ideal way to do this, a CPC advertisement is not limited to which page of search results it is shown on, so even if your website is only ranking on page 15 your CPC advertisement can be shown on the first page of search results, this is because the paid listings are separate from the natural listings.
Cost Per Click means that you will not pay for your advertisement until it has been clicked on, this means you are not spending money on advertising that isn’t working. CPC allows for your advertisement to be shown for an unlimited order effexor no prescription amount of times until your budget has been spent. The amount you pay per advertisement depends on the keywords you choose as the more popular keywords will cost you more than the less common keywords.
When you put CPC in place you will need to choose the keywords which you want to focus your advertisement on and then when those words are searched for your advertisement will appear in the paid listings. When it comes to choosing your keywords you want to focus on keywords that people who are looking for the products or services you offer will search for, rather than a generic keyword which may mean your advertisement is shown when it is not being looked for.
CPC marketing allows you to easily reach your target market as they will actively be searching for the products or services that you offer.

Gareth Owen