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Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). What is Search Engine Optimisation? Well to put in a simplified context, it is the process of ensuring that your website can be found easier across the many different search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. The technology and methods used to create the most effective and ethical search engine friendly websites are themselves a science and an art that have been perfected here at RS Digital LTD over the last in-depth and very busy 5 five years.

For any business worth its salt that has a website, if not for ecommerce or online shopping reasons then simply to advertise their products or services, they must consider how they wish their online presence to be found by others searching for their services and products. It really is pointless even considering investing money in having a website designed if you don’t consider to apply even the most basic SEO techniques.

Having the ability to expose your company to a global market of buyers and people searching for the information, advice products and services that you may offer is one of the most valuable commodities in todays marketing and advertising circles. Maintaining that ability to place your company or business on the front page of the major search engines is paramount, especially when you understand that a huge percentage of users, based on professional data collected, rarely continue past the first page of the search results displayed to them.

The whole process of ethical SEO is to generate a good stature of relevancy for your website. Obviously when individuals go to search for an item or company service, they want to be presented with targeted results that closely match what they are searching for. We provide you with the power to do this so your website is seen as being one with greater relevence than many of your compettitors by altering and optimising the content displayed on your website and the HTML coding, in addition to creating strong linking strategies, submitting your site to many directories, creating unique optimised content and much more to build your presence and to assist in boosting your position within the natural listings.

What exactly do we do?

Here at RS Digital LTD, we have continuously helped redefine the most effective techniques used in creating the best methods of optimisation, offering bespoke services to a wealth of clients from all different industries. Many factors of a website can be manipulated and improved upon when carrying out SEO, providing an excellent basis for generating the targeted audience for your business. With RS Digital LTD you can find peace of mind that your search engine optimisation campaign will prove to be as rewarding as you want it to be, projecting your company profile, products and services out to an audience actively searching for what you have to offer.

Offering the following within our SEO services, RS Digital LTD provide a complete, comprehensive solution for you:

Notice the results you deserve

Full professional website analysis and assessment

 Creative content development to assist optimisation

 Keyword consultation, analysis and research to provide the most beneficial building blocks for your SEO campaign

 Providing each client with the correct technical advice on the many different levels including the use of different coding and script usage, redirects and offering assistance on hosting.

 Impartial and unbiased SEO training to give you the complete understanding of the work we do, targeting the industries that will provide the perfect results that you are searching for.

Pay Per Click Management

There are a lot of ways in which, collectively, search engine optimisation provides one of the best possible means of advertising online. It doesn’t just do this, or that. It is more elaborate and complex, hence the amount of work a good search engine optimiser will put into providing you with the results that work. Your website has an interior and an exterior, to explain further there is the obvious internal part of your site; the different pages that link together (or should) shopping carts and pages that can be accessed by navigation bars on the homepage.

On page optimisation is just one half of the SEO process, involving web design work to make your site more accessible, website development where coding and scripts such as html coding and the correct usage of headers, titles and meta keywords throughout, locating and correcting any stances of plagiarism (copied content) and creating a high calibre of optimised content to ensure the best relevancy for your site within the search engine results. With greater relevancy you will see increased traffic as you appear in higher search engine results under the targeted search terms you choose.

Needless to say, in this day and age of the internet, on page optimisation plays an important and key role in the effective marketing of many companies’s online marketing strategy, building the correct and most ethical ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Where path to the success is glass clear. Learn more

On Page Optimisation

Google and many other search engines’ fast track advertising solution, Pay Per Click advertising is designed to give you a temporary or permanent and efficient way to gain a first page presence via sponsored links upon the major search engines. Within our PPC Management solutions we carry out an in depth analysis to determine the correct and most beneficial keywords or ‘search terms’ that will bring traffic to your website. A cost effective and highly productive way to reach a selected audience, our professional Pay Per Click Management service ensures that you get the most from your budget, regardless of how much you have to spend. Thanks to our commitment and expertise in offering a tailored and bespoke advertising solution, we have the abilities to combine both SEO services and a customised PPC campaign to optimise your online presence.

Calculating the different factors involved in any Pay Per Click system, RS Digital LTD have what it takes to best advise you on the right keywords to use, the most appealing advert content and headings to incorporate and offer a comprehensive and complete service that includes:

Furthermore, we have the tools to perform effectively within any industry and welcome all businesses whether large or small and work closely with existing accounts to lower monthly costs in addition to setting up new accounts for our customers.

In-depth AdWords knowledge: We are Google Adwords Professionals, we have been in the Pay Per Click Management industry for a while, we know Adwords like our own back yard.

Account setup: Setup services are available to get you started with Google Adwords and start promoting your business.

Campaign management: We monitor your ad and customer performance by reviewing keywords, bids and many other details and updating as needed to improve your campaign.

Customer support: Quality customer support via telephone and e-mail.

Performance reporting: Detailed reporting from us on your ad performance.

Simplified billing and payment: We can provide invoices on Adwords expenditure allowing you to keep track of your PPC spending.

 Calculating your recommended budget

 Working with you to calculate the minimum cost per click per keyword

 Designing the most relevant and effective adverts to keep your costs low

 Providing in depth tracking statistics and analytics to show your traffic volumes and demographics amongst other informative criteria.

Search Friendly Design

Whatever your business or industry, whether you are a well established company or a new enterprise starting out for the first time, your online presence it critically important. Giving you the power to reach a targeted audience, incorporating a Search Friendly Design not only gives your website a professional look and feel but provides the potential to excel online. Having the resources to build up a completely bespoke and individualised web presence from conception to completion, our dedicated and expert team of website development and design consultants have the experience to fulfil your requests. When you choose RS Digital LTD, you receive an aesthetically inspired website, designed to meet your requirements that also contains the correct and ethical On Page Optimisation work required t offer superior rankings within the natural organic search results. Below is a breakdown of just what we include as part of our service:

  •  On Page SEO
  •  Sleek and professional web design
  •  Free Google Adwords Vouchers to use on CPC advertising
  •  We work on your design until you are happy with the results
  •  Up to date CMS (content management system)
  •  Securing of domain name and subsequent management
  •  As many email accounts as you require
  • Flash Animation to bring a touch of class to your site
  • Company branding and logo design
  • Images and photography within your bespoke website design
  • Only ever a single one-off payment, zero ongoing payments with only yearly hosting to pay
  • Competitive and competent website hosting and expert support to assist you if ever you need us
  • Full analytics or visitor statistics to provide an in depth understanding of your websites current audience