Mobile websites need to be fast to avoid Google penalty

13 Jun

During the annual Search Marketing Expo (SMX advanced) Google’s Matt Cutts, head of web and spam made an interesting announcement. There could (and probably will be) an algorithm update coming up that specifically targets mobile websites that are slow to run.

The site speed is already a Google ranking factor as stated back in 2010. Matt Cutts was quoted in regards to the site speed ranking factor with saying “expect something similar to come to mobile soon”.

It stands to reason as mobile users are statistically more likely to leave a slow loading site. There is an urge effexor no prescription overnight delivery from Google’s Matt Cutts for SEOs and Webmasters to prepare themselves for the coming update. Contrary to this statement, Google recently released a list of ‘demotion factors’ for mobile websites and site speed wasn’t one of them.

A search engine’s main aim is to provide the best and most relevant results for users based on their search query. That said, it shouldn’t come as a shock that site speed is going to affect this, how can a super slow site with errors be classed as one of the best results?

Gareth Owen