[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Let us take you on the path where you can understand the Google Search Console’s new snippet report and added support features intensively.

Google has finally introduced the new report feature in the Search Console that can assist you with the review snippets. The latest enhancements include a new performance report and added support for the review snippets.

If you are wondering how the new snippets reports and new tools will help you, then we can explain it in simple words. For every website, there is a review on the snippets or local panel. When the site marks up the ratings or reviews with structured data markup, a snippet is generated.

Google explains, “A review snippet is a short excerpt of a review or a rating from a review website, usually an average of the combined rating scores from many reviewers.” The rich snippet is shown in the SERP that includes stars, a number of reviews, ratings of the website, and other relevant information. The review snippets mostly appear for rich results or the Google Knowledge Panel.

Alongside the performance, reports will also be provided to help you to debug issues and to measure the performance. Now that users have full support for review snippets, you can find issues with the implementation. Moreover, you can monitor the rich snippets results that enable you to improve the performance. Google will send you an email notification or message of review snippet issues via Search Console.

The users can also use the Rich Results Test to review the existing URLs of the site or to debug the markup code.

Review Snippet Enhancement Report:
In order to help the website owners to get the most from the reviews, the review report will be provided in the Search Console. The Enhancement report will be available for the sites that have implemented ratings or reviews structured data. As per the report, users can see warnings, errors, and valid pages for markup code.

The report will also come in handy to validate the fixes. Inside the report, all content that is currently supported as review snippets will be covered. So, if you want rich snippets for your site, the report can be useful.

Review Snippet now appears in the Performance Report:
Now, with the Performance Report, you will get the detailed performance of the rating marked-up pages and review on the Google Search & Discover console. This includes checking the impressions, clicks, and CTR on the review snippet pages.

Rich Results Test:
Getting a rich snippet is not as easy as website owners might think. Once the review snippets’ structured data is added to the pages, they are tested carefully by using the Rich Results Tests Tool. You can run a test by submitting the URL of the page, or you can simply test a code snippet. The test will show you the errors or suggestions for the structured data.

All these tools are introduced to ease up the understanding of rich snippets for the users. Not only can you learn how the marked-up review snippet pages perform in the search results and identify issues and fix them later.

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