Give your business that post Christmas boost with PPC advertising.

19 Jan

After the New Year many people will be looking to give their business that extra boost, pay per click could be the ideal way to do that. Pay per click is a simple form of online advertising it allows you to create your own advertisement using your keyword which will then be displayed in the paid listings of the search engines. The cost of a PPC advertisement will depend on the keywords you choose to use, the more popular a keyword is the more it will cost you to use it in your advertisement, most people find it beneficial to use a mixture of popular and less popular keywords, some which are industry known and others which the general public may use to search for you. If you use a mix of keywords you will be able to reach more people and it will also help you keep your foot in all doors which could be very beneficial.

Pay per click does as it says, you only pay for your advertisement when someone clicks on it and is linked to your website, and this
means that your advertisement can be shown an unlimited amount of times until you no longer have any funds in your PPC account. Once you have a PPC campaign in place you can choose when you wish to use it to its fullest, this is because you can change how much you would like to spend on your advertising.

When you have a PPC campaign in place your advertisement can be shown on any of the search engine results pages, your ranking does not affect your advertisement. If you are on page 9 your listing will still be shown on the first page as long as it is relevant to the search terms the searcher has used.

Gareth Owen