Domain extensions and their impact on the way your website is found.

02 Nov

Across the world there are many domain name endings that can be found, both country specific such as the for the United Kingdom, the .es for Spain and the .fr for France as examples and universal domain suffixes such as the .com, the .net and the .org. The power that these give is varied, providing a unique way to target particular locations and demographics, selecting what areas you wish individual websites to appear in. There is a definite advantage to be experienced when choosing country based domain names, helpful when wishing to target local or nationwide areas where you have no requirements for advertising internationally. In these circumstances, choosing the right domain name is as equally important as how you promote your website or business online.

Deciding on a .com or any other international domain name could have an adverse effect on your business if you are not geared up to successfully manage global deliveries or manage overseas relations. However with a flip of a coin you could find yourself losing out on favourable business opportunities if you only had a second level domain name such as one targeting a specific area. Amongst the many variations of website suffixes available there are many companies operating within the Search Engine Optimisation industry who strongly believe that carefully choosing certain domain name endings will have a greater impact than others, such as the .edu used within the education sector and the .gov used again within local and national government applications.

These are believed to be trusted more by Google because of their attachment to such sectors but the findings cannot be verified as creating more links for a company automatically ensures more trust. Personally we believe that choosing the right domain name should be a carefully calculated process, carried out with the expert assistance of a trained professional seo company such as ourselves.

Gareth Owen