December Core Update

12 Dec
December Core update

Lets contemplate the impact of the recent major core update changes. This update was a contentious one. It happened just 7 days before Black Friday, leaving a multitude of e-commerce sites spinning in the wind. E-commerce giants were worried that their sales would be affected.

It appears that reference sites seemed to come up trumps. These included encyclopedias, online dictionaries, and other variations of educational-based library-type sites. Many of them gained visibility of more than 200%.

News and publisher sites took the biggest hit. Major news sites like Reuters, APNews, Forbes, are just a handful that witnessed serious drops in statistics. One theory is that Googles’ algorithm is being retooled to prefer newer fresh content feeds.

Google tends to make adjustments that when rolled out can make massive changes to a sites web traffic, RS are devoted to following these adjustments and acting accordingly within our clients SEO Campaign to ensure rankings stay on point.

Rachael Connelly