The Importance of Local SEO for Your Business

08 Oct

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a route for websites to increase their positions and visibility in the SERP’S Search Engine Result Pages. SEO can help to rank your product or business keywords nationally and locally. If you want to promote your business locally then the SEO must be focused on locations and keywords. What is Local SEO and the advantages of implementing a local SEO campaign for our business. 

What is the importance of Local SEO?

95% of people use their mobile phones for the search of products and services. Out of that 84% of the searches are focused on local businesses. 

Local SEO Plays an important role for every small or medium sized business, it ensures those people searching will get to know about your products or services before other local established businesses.

What are the key points of Local SEO Ranking Factors of your business?

These are the most important factors to rank your business locally over the Google Search engine. 

  • Relevance – Local business directories can only ensure the search results are accurate if correct information related to your business was used. This also helps Google in understanding your product and business and provide the most relevant search results. 
  • Rating or Reviews – Positive review and ratings can help establish a trusted brand for your business. Google takes these into account and amongst other factors when calculating local search rankings. This is the direct benefit of the local search ranking. 
  • Google My Business (GMB) – This must be set up correctly and accurate, as if there are any discrepancies found in your information then google rejects listing your business in the local pack.
  • Localised Content – Blogs and social media are great ways to include locally relevant topics that might not fit in your website landing pages. Localisation can also be used in page content, title tags, meta descriptions, and image tags.

How much time does it take to rank? 

To rank, any keyword on a search engine can take a few weeks up to a few months. This depends upon the difficulty of the keyword, age of your website, the amount of traffic and many other factors. All our clients are highly ranked as we don’t cut corners and work on a bespoke seo program which will deliver proven first page results.

How can RS digital help?

RS Digital has a wide range of Digital marketing services such as Local SEO to grow your business and after a thorough audit we will advise what is needed to boost your online presence and increase your traffic, leads and ultimately sales.

Vincent Masih

Was brought up trading on markets with my Parents, went into Market Trading fully from the age of 18 to 28, then went into online marketing and have never looked back. Goal is to work hard and make my kids proud and give them a good future God Willing.