Attention UK Webmasters! Do You Own any .EU Domains?

09 Apr

If you are a UK webmaster currently owning a .EU domain you should start to consider migrating to a new domain now…



The European Commission has announced that companies that are based in the UK and UK residents owning .EU ccTLDs will have to surrender those domains following Brexit. This also means that following Brexit, UK residents will no longer be able to register new .EU domains, which will instead be saved for those within the European Union.

The official document regarding this can be seen here:

What does this mean?

This means that there could be serious implications for UK webmasters holding .EU domains for their companies and brands – After Brexit these people will no longer be able to own or use their website domains and if not done in plenty of advance notice could also face the chance of not being able to redirect them to a or other TLD.

How to avoid disaster

With Brexit currently set to take place on Marth 30th 2019, webmasters now have approximately one year to get ready for the changes. Here at RS Digital we advise any UK based people that are .EU domain owners to set up a new, more relevant domain now, or as soon as possible. This will provide people with the time that they need to start the marketing for the new domain and to of course set up all 301 redirects and any impacted hreflang changes.

We can help you

With approximately 300,000 domains under the .EU top-level domain being registered to people in the UK, here at RS Digital we are stepping forward to assist.

We are here to help .EU domain owners make the necessary transitions, and are available to call should anyone require advice and guidance at any stage of the journey.

Pick up the phone and call 01282 452096, before it is too late.