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Burnley SEO Agency

Every enterprise thrives on its popularity among the customers. Having been established 10 years ago, Seo Company in Burnley helps companies achieve their goals in this field through social media optimization. This helps one to attain top ranks on various search engines while enhancing consumer experience. Our high quality services earn our client’s familiarity with ordinary citizens, who in turn contact them for specific services. Some of the services that we offer are as follows:

Website Audit

Using tools, knowledge and expertise, we can forensically examine your website to point out its strength or weaknesses (opportunities and challenges). Key areas analyzed during the audit revolve around technical, onsite, links, social media and other miscellaneous issues. When Burnley Seo Services audits your website, it gives you a holistic analysis and overview of everything that occurred to it. Red flag warnings indicate a violation of the search engine agreements.

Competitor Analysis and Keyword Analysis

One way of attracting visitors and getting more traffic on your website is through the analysis of what is already being done by your competitor. We can help you do this by looking at the design of their websites, their content as well as its quality, the type of URLs used i.e. whether static or dynamic, among other aspects. Our experienced team will also identify certain key words that are in demand and help you strategize how to exploit your competitive advantage, or get new ideas on how to structure so as to attract more traffic.

Onpage SEO

If you want to optimize your individual webpage so as to rank higher and get relevant traffic in search engines, then search engine optimisation agency Burnley is here to meet your needs. It is a checklist where every piece of content is captured. This kind of optimization focuses on the technical set-up, textual and visual content, quality of the code and user-friendliness.

Google Mobile friendly checks and fixes

Our technical team is here to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, which a crucial aspect of your online presence. Smartphone traffic is increasingly superseding desktop traffic, hence making it important to customize your website to that effect.

Link Building

The dynamics of link building in SEO landscape are ever changing, raising the importance of high quality links. We can help you build hyperlinks from other sites on outreach content, press release marketing, uk directory placements, info graphic creation and marketing.

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