The problems with link building

10 Jun

Eric Enge’s most recent interview with Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam revolved mostly around link building. Not only did they discuss what is wrong with link building but they also spoke about how SEO’s are using it to assist websites today.

Matt Cutts spoke about a word in which he would see as ideal – one whre link builders first of all considered the content or website and thought about why it was worthy of a link. In the interview they discussed whether they saw link building as legal or illegal and if press releases should be used for link building.

To make the outcome of the interview clearer for you here are some key notes to take away… First of all link building is NOT bad as long as the content is good.  Links within press releases are also not bad as long as the content is good and the press release is of interest. A large number of people are also guest blogging in the wrong ways and many have become too much like article banks.

In conclusion links are still considered the best way to rank highly but only if done so in all the correct ways. If you are looking to do this you would be best leaving it to the professionals.

Gareth Owen