The Importance of Local SEO – Google Confirms the November 2019 Local SEO Update

20 Dec

Now that Google has confirmed the November 2019 Local Search Update, a lot of things have changed for the local businesses. Fortunately, the RS Digital Marketing team is always ready to help the business in need.

What has changed with the new update?
In order to neutralize the local SEO services, Google goes beyond the name and description of the business. Now, Google connects the website content with the words consumers use to search for a product or service to give them better results. Neutral matching allows Google to conceptually understand the keyword searches and deliver relevant content with precision.
So, your business might appear in the search items that are not even mentioned in your business name or description.
As a result of the update, local SEO services are worried that the rankings might change now abruptly. The new Local Search update is launched globally. This is alerting the SEO services to optimize the content and techniques for SEO.

What can you do now?
Even though Google has implemented the Neutral Matching concept for Local Search, they are claiming that not many changes are required for the business owners. The websites can continue following the fundamental concepts as before.
However, some changes might come in handy like updating your Google My Business profile, uploading images and videos, keeping the hours accurate, verifying the locations, and responding to reviews. If you are concerned about your business rank, then you can contact any Local SEO service as they’ll know what to do to ensure that your ranking won’t change after this update.

How Google Rank Local Results?
All local results have three primary factors in determining the ranking of a website or business. These three factors are relevance, distance, and prominence. It is mostly the functioning of the algorithm that has changed with the update. Otherwise, the overall essence of determining the ranking is somewhat the same.

By relevance, Google means how well the local listings match the search. For this, the business must have detailed information that will help Google to understand your business in a better way. If your listing matches the search, you will appear in the results.

Local SEO services know that the distance or location of your business is a crucial factor for ranking. How far you are from the search location will affect your ranking. Google calculates the distance based on the location you have provided for the business and display it in the results.

By prominence, we determine the hold that business already has on the local market. Some businesses are already prominent in the offline world, and Google tries to reflect the prominence in online results as well. This tactic is often used by the Local SEO services to ensure that your business stays in the top results on the search page.

All three factors combined will tell you the rank for your business. So, the SEO team working on local search optimization might have to try a few tweaks to keep you in the top results. Fortunately, the ranking system is fair so that nobody can pay their way up to the top.

Partner with RS Digital Marketing and achieve the position you always dreamt of. We help businesses to rank high in Google Search results and connect them to a broad audience. Take assistance from our Free SEO Health Check, and determine the factors that hinder your success.

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