1. Develop your current website to be optimised for search engine submission improving the performance of each page.

2. We will analyse your site along with your current keywords and look at the industry you are in and the clients you are trying to attract. We will also investigate the most popular search words used in your sector. From this information we will produce a set of keywords best suited for your site and industry.

3. After establishing the most popular search words used we will look at your competitors currently ranking in the top 5 page results. We will compile a portfolio of information on the top sites and from that development strategy for your optimisation programme. This analysis will give us valuable information on the criteria required for your site.

4. We will add to select pages of your site relevant Title Tags and Header Tags to inform the engines what the topic of the content is about, direct them to other pages and to request their return for further indexing. We also add Alt Tags to the images on your site so the engines can read them.

5. We will look at the general copy of your site and if required suggest possible improvements to the content, making it more search engine friendly whilst retaining your message. These particular updates will not be implemented without prior approval.

6. The optimum type of site for search engines to index are those with flat html pages with hyperlink navigation. But many sites for a variety of commercial reasons may have built Flash, framed or database driven sites which search engines have difficulty indexing. We therefore employ a number of solutions to reduce these problems.

7. Site purpose, to present the companies services, enhance your website marketing potential and increase the ranking of your domain name

8. One of the criteria favoured by the majority of the search engines is “backlink development”. We will source out seo friendly relevant links for you to help your search rankings develop over time.

9. The initial optimisation of your site will take approximately 7 working days. Submission to the main search engines will be done carried out by ourselves to ensure the optimised website is freshly indexed.